When performance and refinement are one.

Customers looking for a product that is both powerful and stylish. The O TREND toilet by KOLLEZI  its Water Sense and CUPC certifications, you will also save up to 40% water per year. Vitrified water tank, siphoned jet and elongated seat for maximum comfort and performance.



The KOLLEZI toilet’s porcelain finish allows it to stay cleaner and can be easily washed, while using less water and cleaning products. Dirt and lime scale won’t stick to it and are easily swept away by flushing. Our siphoned jet allows for a fast and deep clean. Additionally, the entire bowl will be rinsed without any splashing and with minimal water consumption.

Water Sense

With an average of only 4.8 litres per flush, KOLLEZI toilets consume 40% less water than traditional toilets and have an identical flushing performance.



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      Le Uniform Plumbing Code ™ (UPC™) et le Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code ™ (cUPC ™) sont les normes nationales américaines et canadiennes désignées. Ces codes existe pour fournir aux consommateurs des systèmes de plomberie sûrs et respectant les normes sanitaires. Les projets de constructions commerciales, ainsi que de nombreux projets de constructions résidentielles, nécessitent normalement cette certification. Les produits KOLLEZI sont certifiés UPC / cUPC, ce qui facilite leur utilisation dans tous les types de projets.